My New Fave: Frayed Denim

I have to admit, at first I was a little unsure how I felt about the new trend when it surfaced. After it took over my Instagram feed, I slowly began to like it more and more. Well guess what? Now I love it! What am I referring to? Frayed denim – it’s what everyone is talking about and wearing! I definitely jumped in and joined with this trend!

Just a few short years ago I wasn’t a fan of jeans. I lived in jeggings. I know, I was an absolute crazy person back then! I do think it can be hard to shop for jeans. Denim can be expensive, so you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth! I’m not one to spend a few hundred dollars on the perfect pair of jeans, although I do think that would be nice to do one day! Instead, I look for a quality pair that has everything I find important, and at the right price.

I think the frayed denim trend is so fun! Sometimes jeans can be incredibly plain, but add fray at the bottom plus a few distressed areas and you now have jean with a lot more character!

Right now I only have one pair of frayed jeans, but I’m definitely keeping my eyes open just in case I find another pair that I want to snatch up! The jeans I’m wearing in the photos above are incredibly comfortable and super duper soft! I hate when jeans are stiff, itchy or uncomfortable to wear! This pair is just the opposite and I’m a huge fan!

Outfit Details: Top / Necklace / Bracelet / Purse / Jeans / Shoes


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