Who Do You Follow?

Each morning I receive a daily Gospel reflection email from FaithND. The reflections are always amazing, but the one this morning really got me thinking. If this interests you at all, you can find out more & sign up here.

The Gospel reading was John 1:35-42. The reflection talks about our phones, computers, tablets, etc. have become part of our daily routines; our way to escape and give us a sense of relaxation. The disciples in the Gospel got up from what they were doing to follow Jesus. This made me think. My phone allows me to follow all kinds of people and brands. I like to get on social media to follow what others are up to. I like to check my emails to follow what’s new with the brands I like. I like to shop around online to follow my favorite stores. I like to do these things because it allows me to learn about others and feel up-to-date in the ever-changing world we live in.

The reflection then shared a few thought-provoking questions. “What or who are we following? How often do we go to our social media feed for nourishment instead of approaching the Lord’s Eucharistic table for our daily bread?”

We spend so much time following people, brands, ideas, etc. on a daily basis. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the question then becomes in all the time we spend following others, are we also taking the time to follow Jesus on a daily basis? Are we snoozing our alarm in the morning or are we getting up to have quiet time (even though I prefer mine before bed)? Do we wake up and immediately check our phones or do we take time to thank God for another day? Do we end our day with our favorite TV show or end our day with prayer? I’ll admit that there are times I forget to do each of these and more. But as a child of God living a blessed life I am going to work on this; I’m going to work on putting more of my energy each day into following Christ. I’m pretty sure I’ll feel as if my days are more fulfilled when I intentionally make it a point to follow Jesus in the morning, throughout the day and at night.

Who do you follow on a daily basis?


Much love,

Allison Paige

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